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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I met with a College of Science Advisor last semester, why do I need to see a Biology Advisor?

A: Our Biology Advisors can help make sure you meet all graduation requirements by your planned graduation date and provide input regarding upper level biology courses, graduate school, getting involved with research, study abroad evaluations, and career planning.

Q: I do not see the Biology Faculty Advisors on Navigate, how do I set up an appointment?

A: Please fill out this link to request an appointment.

Appointments must be made 48 hours in advance, if the appointment time window you want is inside the 48-hour window your appointment will be pushed into the next week.

A Faculty Advisor will reach out to you directly to your student email.

Please be aware that filling out this survey does not guarantee that an appointment will be scheduled within 7 day

Q: Is there a way to know if a class I need will be offered next semester?

You can check our course rotation here:

Please be aware that courses offered are dependent on faculty availability so there might be some changes from semester to semester.

Course Requisites

Q: I want to take 3000-level Biology but I haven't finished all the pre-requisite classes. Can I take the prereqs concurrently with the upper-level Biology?

A: No; we require that all pre-requisite courses be completed before taking upper-level Biology courses. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss options.

Q: Do the required advanced biology courses (e.g., BIOL 3451/3452, BIOL 3510/3520) count as an advanced elective biology course?

A: No; advanced elective biology courses are in addition to the required advanced courses for each major.

Enrollment Issues

Q: I am receiving a pre-requisites enrollment block, but I have taken all the pre-requisites for the course. What do I do?

A: Please submit an enrollment request form to If you took some pre-req courses at another college, make sure UNT has a copy of your most recent transcript showing your grades in these classes.

Q: I missed the open enrollment deadline. What are my options?

A: Students who missed the open enrollment deadline must seek permission from instructors to join the class. Once permission has been given please forward it to along with an enrollment request form. (Hyperlink)

Be aware that enrollment after the third week of classes will no be allowed for a BIOL course.

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is an automated checklist of your degree requirements. It is automatically updated when you complete or enroll in a course. It lists all requirements needed for your specific degree/major/minor including certification requirements.

How do I get a degree audit?

You can use UNT's online degree audit system. This interactive tool will help you stay on track for graduation and prepare you for advising appointments. You can also see which courses you would have to take for different majors and minors.

How to run an interactive degree audit:

Log into using your EUID and password (the same as Blackboard).

  1. Go to your Student Center/Register and select "My Academics" (to the left of your class schedule) under the Academics menu.
  2. Under "My Academics" you will be able to view your UNT degree audit. Select "Run Audit."
  3. The online degree audit request page will show your major program. Select "Go" to the right of the degree/major to process your interactive audit.
  4. After your online degree audit completes running the Go button will turn grey. Select the "View Audit" button to view the degree audit.
  5. If the degree audit that appears is not for your major, please print the audit regardless. Your advisor will address the situation during your scheduled appointment.


Q: How can I get involved with research?

A: The easiest way to get involved with research is by contacting faculty who you are interested in working with, regarding space in their lab.

Q: How do I register for BIOL 4900?

A: Please request a special problems form from

The form requires signature from the faculty member sponsoring your project.

Transferring Courses

Q: I want to take some classes at another school this summer. How will I know if they will count towards my Biology degree?

A: Before taking courses at another institution please consult with our Biology Faculty advisors. Courses from out of state institutions require evaluation of a syllabus for approval.

Q: Can I take some classes at a community college and have them count towards my Biology degree?

A: If you take a course that UNT designates as common (Texas Common Course Numbering System) it will be accepted in transfer, however other courses and courses taken at community colleges outside of the state of Texas, an evaluation of a syllabus may be required for approval.

Q: I am thinking of taking an Online lab at another institution to complete my foundation requirements, will the credit transfer over?

A: The Biology Department strongly prefers in person labs. Credit for online labs may be approved from certain colleges.

*As a reminder, all of your classes during your final semester must be completed at UNT or your graduation will be delayed a semester*