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Genetics & Education

In addition to mentoring students within the laboratory Dr. Padilla teach Genetics and Eukaryotic Genetics. Her philosophy is that students should develop scientific ideas and questions, become proficient in analysis and logic and improve their written and oral communication skills. Although the enrollment for the required Genetics course has significantly increased (~300 students per semester) she developed inquiry-based learning modules. Students conduct genetic screens, sharpen their analytical skill sets, use genome database resources and develop their scientific communication skills. Her efforts were recognized by Science magazine by being given the inquiry based science award and the opportunity to publish her genetics educational efforts.

Dr. Padilla's teaching schedule: Genetics (Biol 3451, Spring Semesters) and Eukaryotic Genetics (Biol 4460/5460, Fall Semesters). Office hours are Tuesday & Thursday 11:00-12:30.

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