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Dogs, Music and other Padilla Lab Interests

Other wonderful parts of life:

Although SCIENCE and GENETICS is central to the lab- other aspects of life keep us going! Here are a few examples of what is important to the Padilla Lab

Lab Dogs (& the occasional cat):

Oscar (Larry Buddy) Padilla-

Oscar- everyone likes him and he likes everyone. He wags his tail constantly and thinks everything in the world is perfect! Oscar enjoys gathering sticks and bringing them inside the house to destroy, chewing on anything that smells good and meeting new people. Oscar likes contemplating whether the genomic allele that led to his short legs is linked to his happy disposition.

Latte Padilla

Latte- this cutest little ChiWeenie likes to snuggle, eat & go to the park to run. His favorite activity is eating gourmet food including celery, playing, sleeping and following his human around the lab or home. As a young pup he is still learning a few things but one thing he knows for sure is that he loves certain people- especially scientists that study worms. He does not like rain but is good with the lizards in his yard. His goal is to get better at yoga stretches and become a runner despite his little legs.

Princess Padilla-Nunns

Princess-the cutest little ChiPuggy in Denton likes to bark at everything, snore while sleeping, snort when excited and be the boss of everything around her. Despite this attitude every human that meets her eventually wants to make friends with her- perhaps it is the funny puggy chihuhua face. Her goals include world domination and tasting all human foods. She shows her love by bringing toys to people, rolling on her back for a tummy rub and snuggling a long-lost college student buddy that once lived with her.

Buddy Padilla

Buddy is a red heeler that is intelligent, highly energetic and reactive rescue dog. Pam Padilla knew he needed a patient home so she happily took him in. He loves to chase anything that moves and has the hearding instinct. He looks beautiful and strong when he jumps over the garden while running in the back yard.

Spike Rivera

Spike- is an intelligent, amazing, attractive and active pure bred American Bulldog. Spike is hard to catch in a photo (who has time for photos?!) but, when he does decide to pose for a photo- it is indeed stunning and majestic. Spike is quite proud of his intellect, energy, beautiful freckles, and soft coat. Pure handsomeness!

Cali Rivera

Cali- the most special chihuahua corgi, likes to lay around and think about the interesting things in life such as what are the best doggie beds and why they do not make doggie bed with pillows!

Prince Mungwira

Prince is a thoughtful, short legged, dachshund that likes to hangout on the couch and ponder the important ideas of life- including doggie genetics. His favorite toy is anything stuffed and with a squeaker. Favorite activity is digging (hey I was bred for this!) and napping. Recently, he is contemplating the genetic similarity between he and Latte doggie...... and thinks more studies need to be done on doggie genetics.

Emma Mungwira

Emma the lovely is a beautiful Pit bull and Foxhound mix. Her favorite toy is- Everything… including DVD cases (yum!). Her favorite activity is taking selfies (of course she is gorgeous) and going for long walks. Her advice to all- smile for the selfies!

Lab News:

Mary Ladage had baby Zeke in July 2016. Welcome baby boy!

Lee and Tasha moved to wonderful Colorado to work at the Medical School in Denver!

Dennis got a research lab tecnician and manager position at UTSW!

Chipo had her baby!

Lab Running/Sports:

Dr. Padilla finished another half marathon in December 2015, despite having a sinus infection.... She plans to do another.....

Jose Robledo finished a half marathon in December 2016 at a much faster rate then Dr. Padilla...... and is king of soccor

Daniel Quan did well in all the Tennis tournaments during his M.S. program!

Fun Music Events:

Dr. Padilla concerts include Alice in Chains (who she loves), Foo Fighers (again, front of stage!), Red Hot Chile Peppers (again), Metallica, and had backstage tickets (again) to see Seether. The Rolling Stones is also in the plans once the pandemic is over (11th time to see this band)...


Dr. Padilla gave a Genetics workshop in Toluca, Mexico (2017)! Was a great experience.

The Padilla lab attends the C. elegans conferences and SACNAS meetings-of course.

Dr. Padilla recently presented her work at Woods Hole in MA, UTSA and Trinity College in San Antonio.

Skylar and Ripa recently presented two posters at te 2016 Aging, Stress, Pathogenesis C. elegans Meeting at UW Madison (2016).