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Recognitions and Awards

2023 CUR Goldwater Scholar Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Jannon Fuchs has been selected as the sole recipient of the 2023 CUR (Council of Undergraduate Research) Goldwater Scholar Faculty Mentor Award. For years, Jannon has been actively involved in providing research opportunities in her lab to undergraduates, some of whom received the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. In addition, as a member of UNT's Goldwater Scholarship Faculty Nominating and Mentoring Committee, she has played a prominent role in nominating several UNT students for the Goldwater Scholarship.

2020 IE Celebrity Award

We are delighted and proud to announce that the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Celebrity Award for 2020 was made to our BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences program. This is a well-deserved award, for which we at UNT would personally like to thank Dr. Hyunju Kim as well as Brandy Ellis for putting their heart, soul, mind, and energy in facilitating our student's success in this program.

Also, a big congratulations to the IE team of Heather Tunnel, Dr. David Hoeinghaus, and Dr. Mauricio Antunes, for making all the changes in how we collect data and report on our Institutional Effectiveness for this and other programs. Thank you for the work you all put in that allows others on campus see us make sustained progress on our Institutional Effectiveness reporting.