Richard Dixon | Department of Biological Sciences

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Richard Dixon

Distinguished Research Professor/ Associate Director of the BioDiscovery Institute- Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
(940) 565-2308
Science Research Building 133
Dr. Dixon's research interests include: modification of lignin and cell wall polymers in bioenergy crops; improvement of forage quality in alfalfa; flavonoid compounds and human health.


  • Doctor of Science, University of Oxford
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Botany, University of Oxford.
  • Master of Arts, Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Selected Publications:

The following are the most recent publications of Dixon's:

  • Gould, F., Amasino, R.M., Brossard, D., Buell, C.R., Dixon, R.A., Falck-Zepeda , J., Gallo, M.A., Giller, K., Glenna, L., Griffin, T.S., Hamaker, B., Kareiva, P.M., Magraw, D., Mallory-Smith, C.A., Pixley, K., Ransom, E., Rodemeyer, M., Stelly, D.M., Stewart, C.N.,Whitaker, R.J. (2017). Elevating the conversation about GE crops. Nature Biotechnology 35, 302-304.
  • Liu, C., Wang, X., Shulaev, V. and Dixon, R.A. (2016) A role for leucoanthocyanidin reductase in the extension of proanthocyanidins. Nature Plants doi:10.1038/nplants.2016.182.
  • Barros, J., Serrani-Yarce, J.C., Chen, F., Baxter, D., Venables, B.J. and Dixon, R.A. (2016). Role of bifunctional ammonia-lyase in grass cell wall biosynthesis. Nature Plants May 9 2016 Article 16050, DOI: 10.1038/nplants.2016.50.
  • Nar, M., Rizvi, H.R., Dixon, R.A., Chen, F., Kovalcik, A. and D'Souza, N. (2016). Superior plant-based carbon fibers from electronspun poly-(caffeyl alcohol). Carbon 103, 372-383.
  • Jun, J.H., Liu, C., Xiao, X. and Dixon, R.A. (2015). The transcriptional repressor Mt MYB2 regulates both spatial and temporal patterns of proanthocyandin and anthocyanin pigmentation in Medicago truncatula. Plant Cell 27, 2860-2879.

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