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Kent Chapman

Kent Chapman
Regents Professor, Director of the Biodiscovery Institute- Plant Biochemisty
LIFE Sciences B414

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Dr. Chapman's research interests include biochemistry, plant cell biology, lipid signaling, and metabolic engineering.

Dr. Kent Chapman teaches classes in the following areas: cell biology, biology of higher plants, advanced research experiences, and advanced cell biology.


Doctor of Philosophy in botany; Dissertation Title: "The Cellular Origin of Membrane Lipids for Enlarging Cottonseed Glyoxysomes" Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in biology, Lycoming College


Chapman's specific research projects are in the following topics:

  • regulation of lipid metabolism in plants
  • lipid signaling
  • metabolic pathway engineering of vegetable oils
  • bioenergy
  • bio-based applications

Selected Publications:

1. Kilaru, A., Chapman, K. D. (2020). The endocannabinoid system. Essays in Biochemistry, 64(3), 485-499. Full Text

2. Greer, M. S., Cai, Y., Gidda, S. K., Esnay, N., Kretzschmar, F. K., Seay, D., McClinchie, E., Ischebeck, T., Mullen, R. T., Dyer, J. M., Chapman, K. D. (2020). SEIPIN Isoforms Interact with the Membrane-Tethering Protein VAP27-1 for Lipid Droplet Formation. The Plant Cell, 32(9), 2932-2950. Full Text

3. Sturtevant, D., Lu, S., Zhou, Z. W., Shen, Y., Wang, S., Song, J. H., Zhong, J., Burks, D. J., Yang, Z. Q., Yang, Q.-Y., Cannon, A. E., Herrfurth, C., Feussner, I., Borisjuk, L., Munz, E., Verbeck, G. F., Wang, X., Azad, R. K., Singleton, B., Dyer, J. M., Chen, L. L., Chapman, K. D., Guo, L. (2020). The genome of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis): A taxonomically isolated species that directs wax ester accumulation in its seeds. Science Advances, 6(11), eaay3240. Full Text