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Jannon Fuchs

Jannon Fuchs

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Dr. Jannon Fuchs teaches classes in the following areas: Neuroscience I: Cells and Circuits, Neuroscience II: Brain & Behavior, Topics in Neuroscience, Research Presentations, and Science Writing.

Dr. Fuchs' research interests include developmental neuroscience, and primary cilia in the birth and survival of cells in the nervous system.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences, University of California, San Diego.
  • Master of Science in Psychology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of Chicago.


Dr. Fuchs' main areas of research concern (1) the role of primary cilia in the birth and survival of cells in the nervous system; and (2) effects of early experience on brain development.

Selected Publications:

  • CDK5RAP2 Regulates Centriole Licensing in Mice, Developmental Cell 8:913-926 (2010)
  • Cilia proteins control cerebellar morphogenesis by promoting expansion of the granule progenitor pool, Journal of Neuroscience 27: 9780-9789 (2007).
  • Primary cilia are indispensable, ubiquitous chemosensory and mechanosensory organelles, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, pp. 359-364 (2005).