Angela Tanzillo-Swarts | Department of Biological Sciences

Angela Tanzillo-Swarts

Clinical Assistant Professor

Teaches: Forensic Molecular Biology, Biomedical Criminalistics

Degrees: Master of Science in Pharmacy, University of Florida Gainesville; Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Texas at Austin

Awards: Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (Honorary MBE), 2020

Queen's honour for services to the COVID response in the Cayman Islands, and particularly the outstanding contribution to the country's capacity and ability to carry out wide-scale testing.

Experience: Over twenty years of experience in applied molecular biology, specifically forensic applications for human identity (DNA) testing for criminal and civil matters. She has served in multiple roles in domestic and international forensic science laboratories: Quality Assurance Manager, Biology/DNA Technical Leader, DNA Database Custodian, Casework CODIS administrator among others. In addition to expertise in the biology/DNA laboratory, she also possesses expertise in crime scene investigation, bloodstain pattern analysis, and forensic quality assurance. More details can be found on her CV or LinkedIn page. She is the Host/Creator of the science education podcast "Secrets from the Crime Lab".


Providing students with practical knowledge and skills to prepare them for a career in the forensic sciences.

Research Interests:

Exploring the forensic application and implementation of methods and technology with a critical view of their potential benefits, impact on criminal/civil matters, quality, and ethical ramifications.


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