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April 18, 2018

Publications : Faculty & Students

Recent Faculty & Student Publications

Alves dos Santos, D., Hoeinghaus, D.J., and Gomes, L.C. 2018. Spatial scales and the invasion paradox: a test using fish assemblages in a Neotropical floodplain. Hydrobiologia (Special Issue - Invasive Species II), DOI: 10.1007/s10750-018-3531-1

Alves, G.H.Z., Tófoli, R.M., Message, H.J., Lima Junior, D.P., and Hoeinghaus, D.J. 2018. New decree promotes fish invasion in the Amazon and Pantanal. Biodiversity and Conservation, DOI: 10.1007/s10531-018-1533-y

Berkunsky, I., Quillfeldt, P., Brightsmith, D.J., Abbud, M.C., Aguilar, J.M.R.E., Alemán-Zelaya, U., Aramburú, R.M., Arce Arias, A., Balas McNab, R., Balsby, T.J.S., Barredo Barberena, J.M., Beissinger, S.R., Rosales, M., Berg, K.S., Bianchi, C.A., Blanco, E., Bodrati, A., Bonilla-Ruz, C., Botero-Delgadillo, E., Canavelli, S.B., Caparroz, R., Cepeda, R.E., Chassot, O., Cinta-Magallón, C., Cockle, K.L., Daniele, G., de Araujo, C.B., de Barbosa, A.E., de Moura, L.N., Del Castillo, H., Díaz, S., Díaz-Luque, J.A., Douglas, L., Figueroa Rodríguez, A., García-Anleu, R.A., Gilardi, J.D., Grilli, P.G., Guix, J.C., Hernández, M., Hernández-Muñoz, A., Hiraldo, F., Horstman, E., Ibarra Portillo, R., Isacch, J.P., Jiménez, J.E., Joyner, L., Juarez, M., Kacoliris, F.P., Kanaan, V.T., Klemann-Júnior, L., Latta ,S.C., Lee, A.T.K., Lesterhuis, A., Lezama-López, M., Lugarini, C., Marateo, G., Marinelli, C.B., Martínez, J., McReynolds, M.S., Mejia Urbina, C.R., Monge-Arias, G., Monterrubio-Rico, T.C., Nunes, A.P., Nunes, FdP, Olaciregui, C., Ortega-Arguelles, J., Pacifico, E., Pagano, L., Politi, N., Ponce-Santizo, G., Portillo Reyes, H.O., Prestes, N.P., Presti, F., Renton, K., Reyes-Macedo, G., Ringler, E., Rivera, L., Rodríguez-Ferraro, A., Rojas-Valverde, A.M., Rojas-Llanos, R.E., Rubio-Rocha, Y.G., Saidenberg, A.B.S., Salinas-Melgoza, A., Sanz, V., Schaefer, H.M., Scherer-Neto, P., Seixas, G.H.F., Serafini, P., Silveira, L.F., Sipinski, E.A.B., Somenzari, M., Susanibarb, D., Tella, J.L., Torres-Sovero, C., Trofino-Falasco, C., Vargas-Rodríguez, R., Vázquez-Reyes, L.D., White Jr., T.H., Williams, S., Zarza, R., and Masello, J.F. (2017) Current threats faced by Neotropical parrot populations. Biological Conservation 214:278-287.

Castillo, S.P., Crego, R.D., Jiménez, J.E., and Rozzi, R. (2017) Native‐predator-invasive‐prey trophic interactions in Tierra del Fuego: the beginning of biological resistance? Ecology (Scientific Naturalist) 98:2485-2489.

Cooper, G.L., Huseby, C.J., Chandler, C.N., Cocuron, J.C., Alonso, A.P., Kuret, J. (2018) A liquid chromatography tandem mass spectroscopy approach for quantification of protein methylation stoichiometry. Anal Biochem. 545:72-77.

Crego, R.D., Jiménez, J.E., and Rozzi, R. (2018) Macro- and micro-habitat selection of small rodents and their predation risk perception under a novel invasive predator at the southern end of the Americas. Mammal Research 63:1-9.

Dodds, W.K., Higgs, S.A., Spangler, M.J., Guinnip, J., Scott, J.D., Hedden, S.C., Frenette, B.D., Taylor, R., Schechner, A.E., Hoeinghaus, D.J., and Evans-White, M.A. 2018. Spatial heterogeneity and controls of ecosystem metabolism in a Great Plains river network. Hydrobiologia 813: 85-102.

Drew Sturtevant, Mina Aziz, and Kent D. Chapman. (2018). Visualizing the oilseed lipidome. INFORM 29(4), 21-24

Duron, Q., Jiménez, J.E., Vergara, P.M., Soto, G.E., Lizama, M., and Rozzi, R. (2018) Intersexual segregation in foraging microhabitat use by Magellanic woodpeckers (Campephilus magellanicus): seasonal and habitat effects in the southernmost forest of the world. Austral Ecology 43: 25-38.

He, Y., Zhou, L., Gao, S., Yin, T., Tu, Y., Wang, X., Rayford, R., Hu, M. (2018) Development and validation of a sensitive LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination of eight tyrosine kinase inhibitors and its application in mice pharmacokinetic studies. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 148, 65-72.

Hughes, L.E., Shaffer, C.D., Ware, V.C., Aguayo, I., Aziz, R.M., Bhuiyan, S., Bindert, I.S., Calovich-Benne, C.K., Chapman, J., Donegan-Quick, R., Farooq, A., Garcia, C., Graham, L.H., Green, B.Y., Kenna, M.A., Kneeream, E.R., Laing, C.E., Mageeney, C.M., Meridew, S.N., Mikolon, A.R., Morgan, R.E., Nayek, S., Olugbade, I.D., Pike, K.C., Schlegel, L.E., Shishido, T.C., Suresh, T., Suri, N., Weston Hafer, K., Garlena, R.A., Russell, D.A., Cresawn, S.G., Pope, W.H., Jacobs-Sera, D., and G.F. Hatfull. (2018) Eight Genome Sequences of Cluster BE1 Phages isolated on Streptomyces. Genome Announcements 6:e01146-17.

Klyczek, K., Jacobs-Sera, D., Adair, T., Adams, S., Ball, S., Benjamin, R., Bonilla, J., Breitenberger, C., Daniels, C., Gaffney, B., Harrison, M, Hughes, L., King, R., Krukonis, G., Lopez, A., Monsen-Collar, K., Pizzorno, M., Rinehart, C., SEA-PHAGES, PHIRE Program, Staples, A., Stowe, E., Garlena, R., Russell, D., Cresawn, S., Pope, W., and G. Hatfull. (2018) Complete Genome Sequences of 44 Arthrobacter Phages. Genome Announcements 6(5), e01474-17.

Pan, Z., Baerson, SR., Wang, M., Bajsa-Hirschel, J., Rimando, AM., Wang, X., Nanayakkara, NPD., Noonan, BP., Fromm, ME., Dayan, FE., Khan, I., Duke, SO. (2018) Sorghum cytochrome P450 CYP71AM1 catalyzes the conversion of pentadecatrienyl resorcinol to dihydrosorgoleone in sorgoleone biosynthesis. New Phytologist. 218, 616-629.

Price, E.R., Sirsat, T.S., Sirsat, S.K.G., Curran, T., Venables, B.J., and Dzialowski, E.M. (2018) The membrane pacemaker hypothesis: novel tests during the ontogeny of endothermy. Journal of Experimental Biology 221: jeb.174466

Rozzi, R., Massardo, F., Mansilla, A., Squeo, F.A., Barros, E., Contador, T., Frangopulos, M., Poulin. E., Rosenfeld, S., Goffinet, B., González-Weaver, C., MacKenzie, R., Crego, R.D., Viddi, F., Naretto, J., Gallardo, M.R., Jiménez, J.E., Marambio, J., Pérez, C., Rodríguez, J.P., Méndez, F., Barroso, O., Kalin-Arroyo M. and Martinic, M. (2018). Parque Marino Cabo de Hornos - Diego Ramírez. Punta Arenas, Chile, Ediciones Universidad de Magallanes, pp. 274 umag_fin_di

Schüttler, E., Saavedra-Aracena, L., and Jiménez, J.E. (2018). Domestic carnivore interactions with wildlife in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile: husbandry and perceptions of impact from a community perspective. PeerJ,

Suwannasual, U., Lucero, J., McDonald, J.D., Lund, A.K. (2018) Exposure to traffic-generated air pollutants mediates alterations in brain microvascular integrity in wildtype mice on a high-fat diet. Environ Res. 160: 449-461. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2017.10.029.

White, Jr., T.H., and Jiménez, J.E. (2017) Lophozonia tree cavities used for nesting by Slender-billed parakeets (Enicognathus leptorhynchus) in the central valley of southern Chile: a potentially vanishing keystone resource. Avian Research 8:3-15.

Extramural Grants and Contracts

Engineering Seed Value in Cotton - Strategies to Modify Seed Quality. Cotton Incorporated. PI: Kent D. Chapman. $55,000
Embryogenic Cell Culture Screening System for Herbicide Tolerance. BASF Plant Science, LP PI: Kent D. Chapman. $126,686
IRES: Cross-cutting interdisciplinary research and integration of ecology and biocultural conservation in the world's southernmost forests. National Science Foundation- International Research Experiences for Students. PI: J.E. Jiménez, Co-PIs R. Rozzi and J.H. Kennedy. $249,963