Course recommendations for Doctoral program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Department of Biological Sciences

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Course recommendations for Doctoral program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Recommended Courses for Ph.D. in BMB

As a minimum, students are required to take one course from each category below plus two additional courses from any of the categories below. Additional courses may be suggested by the student's committee based on background and scope of research program.


· Biochem I (BIOC5540)

· Biochem II (BIOC5550)

· Advanced Metabolism (BIOC6610)

· Protein Structure & Function (BIOL6630)

· Cellular Signal Transduction and Biochemical Regulation (BIOC6640)

· Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BIOC6650)

· Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BIOL 6xxx; new course offering)

Molecular Genetics

· Molecular Biology (BIOL5340)

· Eukarotic Genetics (BIOL5560)

· Microbial Genetics (BIOL5800)

· Topics course: (Advanced Microbiology (BIOL5505) (change to 6xxxx)

· Advanced Molecular Biology (BIOL6600) (recommended for tracks that have stronger emphasis on molecular biology)

· Medical Genetics (BIOL6xxx) (currently offered by Jag)

Cell Biology and Physiology

· Prokaryotic Diversity and Physiology (BIOL5501/5502)

· Plant Physiology (BIOL5503)

· Adv. Cell Biology (BIOL/ BIOC6620)

· Signaling Mechanism in Plants (BIOL 6xxx) (currently offered as a topics course)

· Mol Cell Physiol: Response to Stress (in animals) (BIOL6xxx) currently offered as a Topics course)

· Plant Interaction with the Environment (currently offered as topics; Change to 6xxx)

· Developmental Biology (currently offered by von Herbing)


· BioStatistics (BIOL5130/5140)

· Professional Development/Grant writing (BIOL5xxx; new course-Ron Mittler?)

· McDaniel's course

· Bioinstrumentation (BIOC6200)

· Advanced techniques in Systems Biology (BIOL 6xxx) (New course-Shulaev)

· Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics (BIOL6xxx; new course)

· Microscopy (BIOL6xxx) New course-Wright (will be offered beginning Spring 2012))

· Advanced Computational Life Science (BIOL xxxx; new course)

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