Chunliu Zhuo | Department of Biological Sciences

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Chunliu Zhuo

Visiting Researcher
Room #B126
Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203
Ph.D. Current student in Grassland Science, South China Agricultural University
M.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, South China Agricultural University
B.S. Biological Science, South China Agricultural University
  1. Zhuo, C. L.†, Wang, T., Lu, S. Y., Zhao, Y. Q., Li, X. G., and Guo, Z. F. (2013) A cold responsive galactinol synthase gene from Medicago falcata (MfGolS1) is induced by myo-inositol and confers multiple tolerances to abiotic stresses. Physiologia Plantarum. 149(1): 67-78.
  2. Zhuo, C. L., Cai, J. L., and Guo, Z. F. (2013) Overexpression of early light-induced protein (ELIP) gene from Medicago sativa ssp falcata increases tolerance to abiotic stresses. Agronomy Journal. 105(5): 1433-1440.
  3. He, X. Y., Sambe, M. A. N., Zhuo, C. L., Tu, Q. H., and Guo, Z. F. (2015) A temperature induced lipocalin gene from Medicago falcata (MfTIL1) confers tolerance to cold and oxidative stress. Plant Molecular Biology. 87(6): 645-654.
  4. Bao, G. G., Zhuo, C. L., Qian, C. M., Xiao, T., Lu, S. Y., and Guo, Z. F. (2015) Co-expression of NCED and ALO improves vitamin C level and tolerance to drought and chilling in transgenic tobacco and stylo plants. Plant Biotechnology Journal. Apr. 10, doi: 10.1111/pbi.12374.
  5. Chen, M., Zhao, Y. J., Zhuo, C. L., Lu, S. Y., and Guo, Z. F. (2014) Overexpression of a NF-YC transcription factor from bermudagrass confers tolerance to drought and salinity in transgenic rice. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 13(4): 482-491.
  6. Guo, Z. F., Tan, J. L., Zhuo, C. L., Wang, C. Y., Xiang, B., and Wang, Z-Y. (2014) Abscisic acid, H2O2 and nitric oxide interactions mediated cold-induced S-adenosylmethionine synthetase in Medicago sativa subsp. falcata that confers cold tolerance through up-regulating polyamine oxidation. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 12(5): 601-612.
  7. Lu, S. Y., Zhuo, C. L., Wang, X. H., and Guo, Z. F. (2014) Nitrate reductase (NR)-dependent NO production mediates ABA- and H2O2- induced antioxidant enzymes. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 74: 9-15.
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Guo, Z. F., and Zhuo, C. L. (2014) Sequence and application of a chloroplastic cold responsive protein from Medicago falcata (MfcpCOR14). Patent No. ZL 2013 1 0064020.0.

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