Committee Members | Department of Biological Sciences

Committee Members

BGSA Current and Past Officers


President - Rachel Leads Vice President - Vaidehi Pusadkar Secretary - Cameron Emadi Treasurer - Corey Green

Research Interests: Aquatic Toxicology

Research Interests: Bioinformatics studies on the Microbiome relationship with diseases

Research Interests: Environmental Toxicology with a focus on lead toxicity

Research Interests: Mercury ecotoxicology, PCBs, Effects of contaminants on community dynamics and aquatic food webs

Social Media Representative - Sara McGillewie

Research Interests: Fish Conservation in the Los Angeles River and San Gabriel River Watersheds


President - Skylar King Vice President - Jessica Rippamonti Mays Secretary - Brittany Harried Treasurer - Ronnie Gale & Display Case
Social Media - Rocio Jara Millar


President - Amith Reddy Vice President - Monika Patel Secretary - Prajita Pandey Treasurer - Subhayu Nayek
AdHoc - Dasya Kristin AdHoc - Amy Wynia AdHoc - Skylar King Faculty Advisor - Jyoti Shah

Faculty Advisor - Pamella Padilla Faculty Advisor - David Hoeinghaus


President - Devasantosh Mohanty Vice President - Mearaj Ahmed Secretary - Monika Patel Treasurer - Moon Twayana


President - Swapan Bhuiyan Vice President - Mearaj Ahmed Secretary - Amith Reddy Treasurer - Taylor Troiani


President - Sarah Prewitt Vice President - Rohit Singh Treasurer - H. T. Ellis


President - Sarah Prewitt Vice President - Rohit Singh Secretary - John Servello Treasurer - Ravi Pandey

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