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Welcome to UNT Quail, an innovative game bird laboratory that centers on America's greatest gamebird, the northern bobwhite. UNT Quail works with partners to get more wild birds on the ground by implementing innovative solutions. The goal is to create large corridors of habitat with sustainable populations of quail and other wildlife, for generations to come.


To foster sustainable quail populations through innovative research, conservation, and education, by
  • implementing adaptive solutions to identify and eliminate quail threats
  • creating wildlife corridors that expand and conserve usable quail habitat
  • re-introducing wild quail in decimated populations
  • influencing policy decisions that put more quail on the ground
  • teaching younger generations to be stewards of the land, wildlife, and environment

Together, we can reverse the quail decline!

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For more information, contact: Kelly Reyna, Ph.D. | Executive Director, UNT Quail | (940) 565-4287 | Kelly.Reyna@unt.edu

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