Jeff Johnson | Department of Biological Sciences

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson
Associate Professor
ENV 310J
Dr. Johnson's research interests include conservation biology and phylogenetics.

Dr. Jeff Johnson teaches classes in the following subjects: Biological Resource Conservation and Management, Contemporary Topics in Biology, Principles of Evolution, and Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science and Ecology.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Biology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Master of Science, Zoology/Entomology, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Drury University, Springfield, MO

Selected Publications

  • The history and range expansion of peregrine falcons in the Thule area, Northwest Greenland (2013)
  • Timing of breeding and offspring number covary with plumage colour among Gyrfalcons Falco rusticolus (2013)
  • Genetics of plumage color in the gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus): analysis of the melanocortin-1 receptor gene (2012)

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