Symposium - Epigenetics: Molecular Mechanisms through Organismal Influences | Department of Biological Sciences
October 29, 2013

Symposium - Epigenetics: Molecular Mechanisms through Organismal Influences

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting 2014
January 3-7, 2014
Austin, TX

Symposium: Epigenetics: Molecular Mechanisms through Organismal Influences

Incorporation of epigenetic theory and practice into experimental paradigms of organismal biology has been somewhat lacking, even though the field of epigenetics has burgeoned in recent years. In part this is because many organismal biologists are not highly informed about epigenetic phenomena and the multiple potential mechanisms underlying them. However, recognizing epigenetic effects can be a complex process, often requiring elaborate experimental designs. Yet, organismal biologists ignore epigenetics at their peril, since epigenetic phenomena could account for some of the unexplained variation that occurs within and between data sets. This symposium is to increase awareness of epigenetics and the epigenome among not just comparative physiologists, but also among morphologists, developmental biologists, behaviorists, and numerous other disciplinary practitioners whose experiments may be unknowingly influenced by epigenetic effects. Important lessons can also be learned from studies of plant epigenetics, which are included in the proposed symposium. Additionally, multiple mechanisms are responsible, but not all are widely appreciated. Ultimately, the goal for this symposium is to walk a fine line between introducing the SICB membership to the expanding body of epigenetic literature, while also providing late-breaking new data of interest to those already specializing in this area.

Sponsors - SICB Divisions:

• Animal Behavior
• Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
• Evolutionary Developmental Biology
• Ecology and Evolution
• Invertebrate Zoology
• Neurobiology

University of North Texas - Denton


Warren Burggren, University of North Texas - Denton


Morning Session 1 -

•BURGGREN, W. W. University of North Texas. Professor. "Epigenetics in Comparative Biology: An Introduction and Overview".

•SOLIMAN, K. Florida A&M University. Professor. "Epigenetic Mechanisms and Environmental Signals".

PADILLA, Pamella. University of North Texas. Associate Professor. "Epigenetic Phenomena in C. elegans model systems".

•CREWS, David . University of Texas at Austin. Professor. "Epigenetic Synthesis, or How Environmental Contamination Has Changed the Course of Evolution".

•HO, Dao . Georgia Regents University. Post-doctoral fellow. "Epigenetics in Physiological Development".

Afternoon Session 2 -

•ALVARADO, Sebastian. "Dynamics of DNA methylation in continuous trait variation, seasonal change, and social environment."

•YI, Soojin. Georgia Tech. Associate Professor. "Epigenetics and Evolution".

•MONTEGGIA, Lisa. University of Texas South West Medical School. Associate Professor. "Epigenetic Behavior Modification in the Mature Mammalian Brain"

•SUNG, Sibum. University of Texas, Austin. Assistant Professor. "Epigenetics in Plant Biology"

•HEAD, Jessica and BASU, Niladri. University of Michigan. "Epigenetics in Ecotoxicology"

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