Summer Teaching Assistantships- 2019 | Department of Biological Sciences
February 26, 2019

Summer Teaching Assistantships- 2019


Summer teaching assignments are not guaranteed. They will be based on the criteria listed below, as applicable. Note: Criteria are listed in no particular order.

• TAs are expected to have previous teaching experience in the lab course being requested.* • Graduate students of departmental faculty teaching organized summer courses (or who have course rights) have priority over other students. • Experienced TAs are prioritized over those with less experience, provided all other criteria are met.* • TAs with better evaluation scores, along with the recommendation of their supervisors, are given priority over TAs with poorer evaluation scores. • TAs must be present for the duration of the term in which they are being considered for hire. If the TA cannot commit to this requirement, then an offer may not be extended. • If the preceding criteria have been met and lab positions remain available, then assignments will be made in the order in which they were received. • A full summer assignment is one summer term. If all reasonable requests have been filled and openings remain, with College approval, two consecutive terms may be considered. Under no circumstances may a student teach two sections within a single term. Note: Summer salaries will be paid at the Spring 2019 monthly rate of pay. Pay for one summer term is the equivalent of 1.5 months of regular pay for a 0.50 FTE position, or half this amount for a 0.25 FTE position.

*Exceptions will be made on an "as needed" basis.

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