Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series | Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

BioFrontiers: The Biological Sciences Series - Fall 2017

When: Fridays 3:00pm, Where: Life Sciences; A117, Social: 2:30PM; Life Sciences Atrium

Sept 1 Dr. Aaron Roberts (University of North Texas)

Evaluating the Risk Posed by Environmental Contaminants to Early LifestageOrganisms: Challenges and Solutions

Sept 8 Dr. Michael Wise (University of North Texas)

Beasts of Bounty: Wolf Eradication in Montana and the Uncertain Distinction Between Predators and Producers

Sept 15 Dr. Tamara Contador (University Magallanes, Chile)

Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Insects: Are They Ready for the Changes

Sept 22 Dr. Chris McClure (The Peregrine Fund)

Saving the World's Raptors: Preventing Extinction, Eliminating Threats, and Conserving Landscapes

Sept 29 Dr. Liam McGuire (Texas Tech University)

Neat Things we've Learned About Bats and Hibernation While Studying White-nose Syndrome

Oct 6 Dr. Tai-Ping Sun (Duke University)

Regulation of Master Growth Repressor DELLA in Arabidopsis by O-Glycosylation

Oct 13 Dr. Denise Garcia (Drexel University)

Diverse Functional Properties of Astrocytes are Regulated by Sonic Hedgehog Signaling

Oct 20 Dr. Claudia Maier (Oregon State University)

Mass Spectrometry-based Approaches for the Exploration of Biological Systems

Oct 27 Dr. Hannah Carrey (University of Wisconsin)

The Hibernator Microbiome: Host-Bacterial Interactions in an Extreme Nutritional Symbiosis

Nov 3 Dr. Gerald Tuskan (Oak-Ridge National Laboratory)

Inter-Kingdom Signaling --A PopulusCase Study

Nov 10 Dr. Donovan German (University of California-Irvine)

Trust Your Gut: Using Digestive Physiology as a Tool to understand Animal Ecology

Nov 17 Dr. Catalina Pislariu (Texas Woman's University)

New Legume Signaling Peptides Required for the Nitrogen-fixing Symbiosis and Host-strain Specificity

Dec 1 Dr.Gaudenz Danuser (University of Texas -Southwestern)

Inference of Cause and Effect in Molecular Pathways

Seminar Coordinator for Spring 2017: Jyoti Shah ( Phone: x3535

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