Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series | Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

BioFrontiers: The Biological Sciences Series - Fall 2018

When: Fridays 3:00pm, Where: Life Sciences; A117, Social: 2:30PM; Life Sciences Atrium

Aug 31 Dr. Amie Lund (University of North Texas)
Investigating the role of the renin-angiotensin system in air pollution-exposure mediated exacerbation of vascular disease and obesity

Sept 7 Dr. ClemenciaRojas (University of Arkansas)
Plant defense responses and bacterial virulence weapons: tales of plant-microbe interactions

Sept 14 Dr. David Swanson (University of South Dakota)
Birds in the cold: phenotypically flexible responses to changing energetic demands

Sept 21 Dr. Cole Matson (Baylor University)
Evolutionary toxicology: mechanisms of pollution tolerance in gulf killifish (Fundulusgrandis) from the Houston ship channel

Sept 28 Dr. Cheryl Dykstra (Independent Researcher)
From forest to front yard: behavioral ecology of suburban red-shouldered hawks

Oct 5 Dr. Seth Corey (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Phenotypic and molecular characterization of a human bone marrow failure syndrome in zebrafish

Oct 12 Dr. Brad Day (Michigan State University)
Nucleocytoplasmic regulation of actin dynamics and immunity

Oct 19 Dr. Cheryl Walker (Baylor Medical School)
The Hidden World of Epigenetic "Readers, Writers and Erasers":cytoskeleton remodeling

Oct 26 Dr. William "Bill" Orr (Southern Methodist University)
The interplay of peroxiredoxinsin inflammation and aging

Nov 2 Dr. Frank Van Breukelen (University of Nevada-Las Vegas)

Being too plastic for variable environments: physiological plasticity in the protoendothermicternec(Ternececaudatus)

Nov 9 Dr. Donald M. Walker (Middle Tennessee State University
Ecological hierarchy and the importance of scale in host-microbiome-pathogen interactions

Nov 16 Dr. Jeffrey Townsend (Yale University)
Effect Sizes of Somatic Mutations in Cancer: Deconvolution of Mutation and Selection On Genetic Variants In Tumor Sequence Data

Nov 30 Dr. David Jackson (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Enhancing yield traits by manipulation of meristem pathways in maize

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Seminar Coordinator for Spring 2018: David Hoeinghaus ( Phone: x2228

Seminar Coordinator for Fall 2018: Jyoti Shah ( Phone: x3535

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