Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series | Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

BioFrontiers: The Biological Sciences Series - Fall 2019

When: Fridays 3:00pm, Where: Life Sciences; A117, Social: 2:30PM; Life Sciences Atrium

Date Guest Speaker

August 30: Dane Crossley, UNT (promotion seminar)

September 6: Matthew Wooller (email:; University of Alaska-Fairbanks.); Host: Aaron Roberts

September 13: Christie Sayes (email: Baylor Univ); Host: Amie Lund

September 20: Bertrand Tanner (email:; Washington State Univ); Host: Doug Root

September 27: David Mackey (email; ; Ohio State Univ); Host: Ana Alonso

October 4: Adam Norris (email: ; Southern Methodist Univ); Host: Pamela Padilla

October 11: Luis Herrera-Estrella (; Texas Tech Univ); Host: Chapman

October 18: X Long Zheng (email:; Univ. Alabama-Birmingham); Host: Pudur Jagadeeswaran

Title: Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a potentially fatal blood disorder- Lesson learned from Zebrafish to Human

October 25: Chris Moorman (email:; North Carolina State Univ); Host: Jim Bednarz

Title: Does harvesting woody biomass for renewable bioenergy threaten biodiversity in the southeastern US

November 1: Julie Hotopp (email:; Univ. Maryland); Host: Rebecca Dickstein

November 8: Benjamin Levi (email:; Michigan Medicine, Univ. Michigan); Host: Ben Dubansky

November 15: Matt Walsh (email:; UT Arlington); Host: David Hoeinghaus

November 22: Thomas E. Lacher Jr. (email:; Texas A&M); Host: Jaime Jiménez

Title: The IUCN Global Assessments and Their Use in Conservation and Biodiversity Research

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