Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series | Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

BioFrontiers: The Biological Sciences Series - Spring 2018

When: Fridays 3:00pm, Where: Life Sciences; A117, Social: 2:30PM; Life Sciences Atrium

Jan 19: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Dr. Tobias Wang - Aarhus University, Denmark "Cardiovascular Physiology of Giraffes: Masters of Hypertension"

Jan 26: Dr. Clement Chan - University of Texas at Tyler "Creating Hybrid Transcriptional Regulators that Flexibly Alter Signal Response Pathways for Synthetic Biology Applications"

Feb 2: Dr. Ed Mager - University of North Texas "Acute and Latent Effects of Deepwater Horizon Oil Exposure on the Early Life Stages of Mahi-Mahi"

Feb 9: Dr. Ellen Ezratty - Columbia University "Signaling Through Primary Cilia: How Stem Cells Find Their Place in the Skin"

Feb 16: Dr. Josh Perkin - Texas A&M "Dams, Drought and Desiccation Constrain the Macroecology of Great Plains Stream Fishes"

Feb 23: Dr. Jacopo Mortola - McGill University "The Breathing of Newborn Mammals: What is 'Special' About It?"

Mar 2: Dr. William Orr - Southern Methodist University "The Interplay of Peroxiredoxins in Inflammation and Aging"

Mar 9: Dr. Vasu Kuraparthy - North Carolina State University "Modifications to a LATE MERISTEM IDENTITY-1 Gene are Responsible for the Major Leaf Shapes of Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Mar 16: Spring break

Mar 23: Dr. Peter Douglas - UT Southwestern "Modeling Blunt Force Trauma in C. elegans: What can a Worm Teach Us About Neurotrauma?"

Mar 30: Dr. Greg Mayer - Texas Tech University "...the Tiny Stuff in, on, and Around Us."

Apr 6: Dr. Georg Jander - Boyce Thompson Institute/Cornell "Natural variation in Maize Biochemical Defense Against Fusarium graminearum"

Apr 13: Dr. Kyle Elliott - McGill University "From the Bright City Lights to the Northern Lights: Birds as Indicators of Environmental Change"

Apr 20: Dr. Randy Schekman - University of California Berkeley and 2013 Nobel Laureate "Sorting of Small RNAs for Secretion in Exosomes by Cultured Human Cells"

Apr 27: Dr. Dorothea Tholl - Virginia Tech "Volatile Molecules: Terpenoid Metabolism in the Biotic Environment"

Seminar Coordinator for Spring 2018: David Hoeinghaus ( Phone: x2228

Seminar Coordinator for Fall 2018: Jyoti Shah ( Phone: x3535

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