2019 Biology Extramural Grants and Contracts | Department of Biological Sciences

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May 1, 2019

2019 Biology Extramural Grants and Contracts

Extramural Grants and Contracts

Development of resources and tools to improve oil content and quality in pennycress. DOE. PI: Ana Paula Alonso (University of North Texas, $474,390); co-PIs: Grotewold (Michigan State University), Shah (The Ohio State University); $837,154 total funding.

Discovery of novel genes controlling proanthocyanidin (PA) chain length by genome-wide association study (GWAS) in Arabidopsis, University of North Texas College of Science, PI/coPI: Chenggang Liu/ Richard Dixon, $10,000.

Integrated Platform for Measuring Embryonic Physiology. World Precision Instruments, PI: Ben Dubansky (UNT); Co-PI: Warren Burggren (UNT). World Precision Instruments, $50,000. 2/2019-2/2020.

Leverhulme Trust. Living inside a box: performance adaptations in turtles. PI: Jon Codd University of Manchester UK. Co PIs: Dane Crossley, Dr William Sellers. $246,000.

National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Effect Of Developmental Hypoxia On Juvenile Cardiac Function. PI: Dane Crossely; $775,000 to UNT. Total award $1M. Collaborators Michael Hedrick CSESB, Turk Rhen UND,Todd Gillis Uni Guelph. 2019-2021

Systems approach to understanding and improving industrial oil biosynthesis in an emerging crop Physaria fendleri. USDA-NIFA. PI: Ana Alonso. co-PI: Phil Bates (WSU), $198,316 total funding.

The American Alligator: a Comparative Model for Heterotopic Ossification, University of North Texas College of Science, PI: Benjamin Dubansky; CoPI: Dane Crossley. $10,000.