Kent Chapman

Kent Chapman
Regents Professor, Director of the Center for Plant Lipid Research & Coordinator of the Plant Signaling Cluster
Dr. Chapman's research interests include biochemistry, plant cell biology, lipid signaling, and metabolic engineering.

Dr. Kent Chapman teaches classes in the following areas: cell biology, biology of higher plants and advanced cell biology.


Doctor of Philosophy in botany; Dissertation Title: "The Cellular Origin of Membrane Lipids for Enlarging Cottonseed Glyoxysomes" Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in biology, Lycoming College


Chapman's specific research projects are in the following topics:

  • regulation of lipid metabolism in plants
  • lipid signaling
  • metabolic pathway engineering of vegetable oils
  • bioenergy
  • bio-based applications

Selected Publications:

  • The yeast lipin orthologue Pah1p is important for biogenesis of lipid droplets, (2011)
  • N-Acylethanolamine (NAE) inhibits growth in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings via ABI3-dependent and -independent pathways, (2011)
  • The seeds of green energy: expanding the contribution of plant oils as biofuels, (2011)