Ed Dzialowski

Ed Dzialowski
Associate Professor, Developmental Integrative Biology Cluster Coordinator, Division of Physiology & Neurobiology Director
Dr. Dzialowski's research interests include developmental physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Dr. Ed Dzialowski teaches classes in biology and animal physiology.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in control of heat exchange in reptiles by distributing blood flow to the limbs and torso, Drexel University
  • Master of Science in physiological control of heat exchange in lizards, Drexel University
  • Bachelor of Arts in biology, Kalamazoo College


Dzialowski's specific research projects are in the following topics:

  • physiological ecology of reptiles, amphibians and birds
  • physiological responses to environmental stress and toxins
  • thermal biology of reptiles


The following are the most recent publications of Dzialowski's:

  • Physiological effects and bioconcentration of triclosan on amphibian larvae. (2010)
  • Autonomic control of heart rate and its variability during normoxia and hypoxia in emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) hatchlings. (2010).
  • Effects of hypoxic and hyperoxic incubation on the reactivity of the chicken embryo (Gallus gallus) ductus arteriosi in response to catecholamines and oxygen. (2009).