Warren Burggren


Office: LIFE B218
Phone: 940-369-7705
Dr. Burggren's research interest is in developmental physiology.

Mark Burleson

Lecturer, Advisor

Office: LIFE A128C
Phone: 940-369-5142
Dr. Burleson's research interests are in chronic hypoxia in mammals.

Dane Crossley

Associate Professor

Office: LIFE B214
Phone: 940-369-7327
Dr. Crossley's research interests include expanding the physiology and genetics of development.

Ed Dzialowski

Associate Professor, Developmental Integrative Biology Cluster Coordinator, Division of Physiology & Neurobiology Director

Office: LIFE B222
Phone: 940-565-3631
Dr. Dzialowski's research interests include developmental physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Jannon Fuchs


Office: LIFE A 322A
Phone: 940-565-4994
Dr. Fuchs' research interests include developmental neuroscience, and primary cilia in the birth and survival of cells in the nervous system.

Guenter Gross

Regents Professor and Director of the Center for Network Neuroscience

Office: SRB 120A
Phone: 940-565-3615
Dr. Gross's research interests include neurobiology and the nervous system.

Ione Hunt von Herbing

Associate Professor

Office: LIFE A253
Phone: 940-565-3595
Dr. Hunt von Herbing's research interests include studies in marine biology.

Harry Schwark

Associate Professor

Office: LIFE B313
Phone: 940-565-4722
Dr. Schwark's research interests include neurobiology of the somatosensory system.

Nicoladie D. Tam

Associate Professor

Office: LIFE A246C
Phone: 940-565-3261
Dr. Tam's research interests include computational and experimental neuroscience in emotional and cognitive processing, EEG, near-infrared optical imaging, motor control, robotics, neuro-prosthetics, brain-computer-interface, decoding of brain signals and brain simulation.